Audio to EXS24 conversion

The EXS24 sampler is a fine piece of kit in Logic and well worth investing some time in getting the brain around.

To kick off, here is a short video introduction to converting audio to a sampler track. A great way of grabbing individual hit sounds from your favourite drum breaks or any other audio file.

You can watch this in HD if you click on the icon on the bottom of the video and select “720” – makes it much clearer to see detail when looking at the logic screen.

Please remember to SAVE YOUR EXS24 SAMPLER INSTRUMENT BEFORE SHUTTING YOUR PROJECT.. Unlike with synths (where the parameter settings are saved within your Logic project), in the EXS24 all new sampler instruments must be saved in addition to your normal project saving.

Apologies, I forgot to mention this in the video – will edit asap..