Introdution to AS coursework tasks…with some examples

During the AS year of the course you will complete THREE coursework tasks:

Task 1a – Sequenced Realised Performance – you will create a sequenced version (in Logic) of a piece that Edexcel specify. They will provide you with a skeleton score (an outline giving chords and melody – vocal line) and the original audio track.

This year’s task was to produce a sequence of the La Roux song Colourless Colour. I’ve included the original track if you are not familiar with it.

An audio example is below:

Task 1b – Multitrack recording – you will record a piece of your own choosing. This must be recorded using overdubbing and include at least eight live tracks. You then have to produce a final mix. An audio example is below:

Task 1c – Creative Sequenced Arrangement – Edexcel will provide a choice of two songs for you to arrange in one of two prescribed styles. For example, in 2010 the choices of song were either Sweet Child O Mine (Guns ‘n’ Roses) or Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen). Students then had to arrange those pieces in either a Synth Pop or Reggae style. The example below is a synth pop arrangement of Sweet Child O Mine: