AS Homework for this week – to be completed by Tuesday 8th November

Apologies all that this has not been posted sooner…some technical issues rumbling..

For this week please complete the following tasks:

1. Read the blog post on the Origins Of Rock’n’Roll – listen carefully to the examples and other key artists in the discussed styles. Also check out the post on the 1950s There will be a brief test on this at the beginning of next Tuesday’s lesson.


and now for something completely different…

2. Create a new Logic project for Task 1a – Sequenced Realised Performance. To do this please follow the steps below:

  • Create a new logic project called your surname and task 1a (i.e. Fishertask1a)
  • Download the Ladytron track AMTV by clicking HERE
  • Add this audio track to your audio bin in the Logic project
  • Drag the audio into your arrange window  – you will need to refer to it often while creating your sequence
  • Listen carefully to the track and look at the score contained in the Unit 2 portfolio (on the blog)
  • Work out the structure of the song and create markers in the marker track in logic that correspond to each section, i.e. intro, verse 1, chorus, verse 2 etc. I recommend using colours for each section.
All OK? Any question give me a shout or send a comment via this blog or email.