AS Homework to be completed for Tuesday 22nd November

During the lesson on Tuesday 22nd November we will have TWO mini tests to check your understanding of the 1950s and whole of 1960s in Pop Music History. Please check the relevant blog posts (under the pop music styles menu tab) and most crucially please also do LOTS OF LISTENING. In the exam you will be asked questions based on audio extracts, you need to be able to identify styles and musical/music technology aspects. So when listening consider the following as a starting point:

  • Instrumentation – note all instruments used and also technologies i.e. sampling, electric and acoustic guitars, analogue synths.
  • Harmony – power chords, extended chords, simple chord sequences, 12 bar blues etc..
  • Melodic structure – scales used, vocal style, etc
  • Performances – vocal (use of falsetto, raw, aggressive etc.), guitars (fingerpicking, strumming, use of FX) etc
  • Structure – what song form is used, are there extended structures (as in progressive rock, Pink Floyd etc.)?
  • Arrangement and texture
  • FX processing
  • Production techniques
You must also complete ONE HOUR’S Controlled Assessed time on Task 1a, please remember to complete the assessment record google doc to track progress, thank you.