Task 1C – Arranging stylistic fingerprints

Following from our discussion in class today here are some of the key stylistic fingerprints that were identified in your research. We will add and develop this list as your arrangements progress..

1950s Rock’n’Roll

RHYTHM – fast tempos, 4/4 time signatures, use of swing/shuffle feel, some brushes on drum kit

INSTRUMENTATION – vocal, guitar, bass (sometimes double bass), drum kit, some use of horn sections and tenor saxophone

TONALITY & HARMONY – prominent use of major keys, simple harmony, much use of blues chord progressions. Use of walking bass lines.

TEXTURE – use of riffs, often doubled on bass & guitar. Call and response in vocals and with guitar/horn parts.

PRODUCTION/FX – some use of reverb, tremolo and slap-back delay.


RHYTHM – extensive use of sampled drum loops, often manipulated. Some use of percussion and percussion loops. Commonly 4/4 time signatures. Predominance of slow tempos.

INSTRUMENTATION – extensive use of sampled sounds. 1970s influence – electric piano, beats. Processed vocals.

TONALITY & HARMONY – minor keys are common, simple chord sequences. Some jazz/blues influence with use of extended chords and bluesy figures. Common root note bass lines. Some use of pedal.

TEXTURE – mixture of some very sparse textures and some dense (especially Tricky).

PRODUCTION/FX – much use of reverb and delay – especially on vocals. Some use of sub bass.