AS Homework for Tuesday 31st Jan 2012

Just to confirm the homework as discussed in the lesson today:

1. Read through the Punk & New Wave blog post – focus this week’s research on Malcolm McLaren and The Sex Pistols, Siouxie & The Banshees and The Clash. You need to know:

  • when and where the artist/band was formed
  • Key recordings/single and/or albums
  • instrumentation and key band members
  • distinctive musical (and production) characteristics (and be able to quote musical examples)
  • what influenced them and how they have influenced others
  • what is unique about this artist/band within their genre

2. Complete work on your (Task 1A)  AMTV vocal with work on vocal timbres.

3. Complete the full (vocal) melody line for your chosen Task 1C Arrangement stimulus. This means the vocal melody. Use any software instrument.

There will be a brief Punk & New Wave test to check your research at the beginning of the lesson. It is also crucial that the sequencing tasks are complete to progress with coursework during the lesson.