AS Lesson 2.2.12.

Over the last few weeks we’ve created rhythm tracks in the style of House and Drum’n’Bass.  In order to develop your understanding of the musical elements of club dance styles (and to make sure you’re actively listening to the stuff in preparation for the exam), you will be asked to follow through one of these projects to completion. The two most authentic dance floor filling tunes will be published on this blog for all the world to hear.

Task. Develop your club dance track through the use of reverbs and delays.

Watch these…

…and then do the task

Read this to remind yourself how to use auxiliary channels for effects routing: Learning About Effects Routing

The article on reverb is here – you have read this already but may need to revise your understanding.

This week consider the list of musical elements of club dance and do some careful listening through to the following playlists.

The Guardian’s “Ultimate Dance Music Playlist”

Club Dance – Special focus artists

If you don’t have a spotify account, create one here.