Task 1B Marks and Feedback Spring 2012

Well, your submissions have been very carefully appraised and your current marks and feedback are below and here.

There is some very good work in evidence but considerable room for improvement all round.

Main areas of weakness are in dynamics processing (compression) and EQ. These aspects take years of practice to master.

Try in your next mixing session to focus on very specific aspects of the feedback and make improvements in that area. Your ears will quickly tire and it is very easy to go around in circles when mixing. PLEASE, PLEASE make constant reference to the originals of the songs you have recorded or, where you’re looking to change the style somewhat, to professional recordings in that style. This will help you to evaluate your own mix and hear more clearly what needs to be done. Remember, it can be useful to listen at low volumes as times.

By next week I expect you to have new mixes ready to play to the class. Take your mp3s home and make comparisons between your new mixes, the mix you handed in last week and the originals.