Pop Music in 2000s – Revision Research Project

Today we will be researching the music of the 2000s. To begin this process we first need to establish the leading genres and stylistic developments.

1. Working in pairs spend 10 minutes researching the key genres. Consider primarily music from the UK and US, but include any really outstanding world music artists/groups.

2. We will now collate your investigation and spend five minutes refining the list as a class.

3. Now you will work in groups to research a specific genre, it’s leading artists and the development of the genre in the 2000s. In your research consider the following aspects:

  • Two key recordings – must be typical of the genre
  • Typical Instrumentation
  • Performance & Arrangementvocal style? tempos? Grooves? Harmony? Use or riffs?
  • Key Artists – no more than five
  • Technology & Production
  • Influenceswhat stylistic influences lead to the development of the genre and how has it influenced other genres
  • Key Facts & Terminology – from when and where did the style derive? Important social/cultural aspects?
You will create these as google doc powerpoint presentations to be shared with me so that I can collate these as a revision resource for you good people..