AS Homework for Tues 24th April 2012

Following your fine research work today on electronic keyboard instruments please take the information you gathered and produce a google doc powerpoint which will include the following information on each instrument (no more than 100 words):

  • When it was invented
  • A brief description of how it works
  • Notable features of the instrument (which might include it’s limitations)
  • Notable examples of it’s use in Pop music

Also please include embed a Youtube clip with an example of it’s use in a pop song.

If possible also a youtube clip showing the instrument being played (or demonstrated).

You must also complete at least 1 hour controlled assessed time on your Task 1C Arrangement.

Needless to say, you will also need to revise in preparation for your Listening Unit 2 mock paper next Thursday. This paper WILL INCLUDE QUESTIONS ON YOUR SPECIAL FOCUS STYLES.