A2 Revision on Mixing Desks, EQ and Dynamics Processing

Time to compile some more revision documents with key points, appropriate terminology and short definitions/explanations. Remember, the documents you create will be shared so they must be succinct, clear and legible. The documents will form a useful revision aid but creating them is a vital revision process in itself. See the list below for your allotted areas and share with me as google documents. Make sure you are familiar with all areas – not just the topic assigned to you.

Mixing Desk, Dynamics Processing and EQ Research topics:

Recording and monitoring – OLI

  • Line level vs mic level
  • Gain
  • Unity
  • Monitoring
  • Signal to noise ratio

Mixing – TOM

  • Inserts
  • Auxilliaries
  • Research common send effects and find examples in recordings.
  • Busses/Groups submixes
  • L-R mix/stereo buss

Dynamics processing – JOSH

  • What is compression?
  • Parameters
  • What is a gate?
  • Parameters.
  • What is a limiter?

Equalisation – JOE

  • What is EQ?
  • What are the types of EQ?
  • What is parametric or sweepable EQ?
  • How can parametric be used to eliminate unwanted frequencies
  • What is Q or resonance?

Digital Recording (last week’s post) – DAISY

Multitrack Recording (last week’s post) – DOM

Tape (last week’s post) – SAM