Summer induction task for new AS music technology people..

Hi new music tech crew and welcome!
As part of your AS Music Technology course you will have two Special Focus styles to research. These change each year and this year’s are: Rock’n’Roll  and Hip-Hop
As part of your induction work for Music Technology please complete the following FOUR tasks:
1. Here is an introduction to the history of Rock’n’Roll, please spend 11 minutes and 15 seconds having  a look..

2. Here is a segment from a great introduction to the world of hip-hop. Watch this..


You now have two tasks to complete by the start of term in September.

3. Prepare a 300-500 written introduction to the history of Rock’n’Roll. Please include information on:
  • Instrumentation
  • When and where the style evolved
  • What were it’s stylistic influences
  • Key Artists (no more than six)
  • How the music was recorded

4. Write a 300-500 word album review of the Hip-hop album It Takes a Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back by Public Enemy. Your review should discuss all aspects of the recording, including:

  • Use of instruments/voices
  • How tracks were created
  • Use of samples
  • Lyrical subject matter
  • Check out this video – there are two further short videos also available via Pitchfork covering the album.

Please submit both of these tasks in a single Word document and email to me at by Monday 3rd September 2012.

Your work will then be marked and returned for you, during the week commencing 10th September 2012. Thanks and have a great summer..