AS Homework due in on Monday 17th September 2012

Take a moment to check an old school master..I introduce Mr Bernard Purdie..

Following on from our excellent progress in sequencing this week, a little reminder of your homework task:

  • Create a Logic Project
  • Locate a “natural” sounding drum kit software instrument:
  • Duplicate this track so there are two or three tracks
  • Create a ONE BAR (verse) 4/4 drum groove using Kick, Snare & Hi-Hats
  • Pleas ensure that you use appropriate QUANTISING.
  • This groove must also include 16th note syncopated ghost notes – snare or kick drum.
  • Once you have your fine one bar groove, copy it for a total of 8 bars.
  • NOW, create a contrasting (chorus) drum groove using the same process.
  • These two grooves should then last for a total of 16 bars and complement each other so they feel like a verse and chorus rhythm track.