Composition Homework due in Tuesday 18th September 2012

Hi all

Really impressive work on chord extensions this week..a great start to this interesting harmonic stuff..

Just to clarify the HW task:

  • compose TWO contrasting diatonic chord sequences
  • they must include SOME USE OF chord extensions (only as appropriate though, use your musicality)
  • do experiment with chord voicings to create interesting and smooth movement between chords – it can be useful to think in terms of individual voices within the chords and how they move to a note in the following chord.
  • Please include rhythm tracks to establish a sense of style.
  • Nearly forgot…please also write out the chord progressions with correct chord symbols and notate the chords (you don’t need to write out chord rhythms, just notate the voicings used)

I look forward to having a listen in class next Tuesday.