A good set of headphones are crucial for creating well balanced and shaped mixes in music technology. If you haven’t used a decent pair I can guarantee you will be stunned by the difference. Good headphones will reveal a huge amount of detail that otherwise will be missed in your mixing. So, what to buy?

You are probably already aware that my personal favourites are Grado headphones.

These Grado SR80i headphones are available new for around £110 and are superb. They consistently receive outstanding reviews.

Pros: fabulous clear, open transparent sound.

Cons: some find them a bit uncomfortable, quirky old school looks, NOT noise cancelling so everybody near you also has to listen to ACDC on the bus/train/plane etc..

Sennheiser HD280 Pro – £110(ish) 

These are also a great pair of headphones, which always get great reviews. They benefit from being very comfortable (and bendy so hard to bust).

Pros: Flat tonal delivery, lightweight and comfortable design; sealed ear cups isolate wearer from ambient noise.

Cons: not quite the dazzling clarity of sound that the SR80i will reveal.

There are plenty of other great headphones around and you can of course spend more and get even greater clarity and detail. But for your current use either of the above choices will be superb.

In my dreams I own these..