AS Drum Kit Recording Class work and Homework

Your recording homework this week takes a step up in terms of difficulty. You will make a recording of a drum kit using the method demonstrated in the lesson.

But it’s not as simple as that. In order for any recording session to be successful you, the producer, must be well prepared. For that reason part of your HW will be to prepare a Logic project for your drum kit recording which will include the following:

Five labelled audio tracks for kick, snare, hi hats, left overhead and right overhead.

A software instrument track which will contain a programmed click track with a crotchet pulse, a distinct sound on the first beat of every bar, and some simple cue into each change of section – perhaps a series of eight or sixteenth notes.

Markers setting out the following structure.

8 bars – simple groove hats, kick and snare only

8 bars – building groove with use of toms and fill in 8th bar leading into

8 bars chorus – using ride cymbal.

4 bars cymbals and kick only – fill in 4th bar

8 bars chorus.

You will need to arrange for a drummer to attend your recording session and be able to instruct them on performing the above structure. You may record at a tempo of your choice.

Do check the guide to preparing a click track for drummers here.