AS Music Tech lesson today

1. Open your multi-track recordings, BYPASS ALL signal processing by pressing the ‘bypass’ button in every plug-in (gates, compressors, and any EQ and effects you may have begun to use). Bounce a mix as “your initials unprocessed trial”.

2. Email this bounce to

3. “Save as…” your project with today’s date, then re-instate all gates, compressors. Bounce a mix as “your initials dynamics trial” and email to Mr Austin.

4. Now read the information on EQ which I emailed to you earlier this week (only Harvey responded). Save your project again with a name which signifies that you’ve used EQ and spend 20-30 minutes experimenting with EQ. Use the channel EQ in the insert slots in the same way you opened the compressors and gates.

5. Record your progress, keywords and new filenames in your feedback google documents in the recording sheet.

6. If you get all this complete, please spend the remainder of your time working on synth timbres for Task 1a. Focus on refining skills with ESE/M/P synths and ES1.