Electric guitars…the pickup

Please take a look at the above short video which covers how the electric guitar works. Also take a look HERE at a page which deals in a little more detail at the basics of pickup design.

Further to our next lesson, please review the electric instruments document also.



A2 Homework 18.10.12.


The sequencing homework from last week was to programme the instrumental part you were allotted when we played the “The Look of Love” live last week and also to produce some notation for it. The former part of this task was done by all, but only one student provided the notation so you have another transcription task this week.

Please write out on paper the bass and piano parts for the intro.


We have made good progress in coming to grips with flextime on multi-mic’ed drum recordings. Your task this week is to consolidate this progress by completing the flex time processing on the first eight bars of the drum kit recording we’ve been using in class – “8 recording”.

You will also need to proceed with your trial recording during your studio time. Demonstrating progress every week between now and the revised deadline. 29th November.

Over the next few weeks I will expect to see progress in the trail recording along the lines set out below. Please add this weekly schedule to your student feedback documents so you can plan your work.

Drums and bass – 25th October

Guitars and other instruments – 8th November

Vocals – 15th November

Mix and submission – 29th November.

Composition homework for Monday 8th October

Please make sure that you have developed your compositions – please make sure you have completed:

  • VERSE & CHORUS melody and harmony ideas complete

We will be using this work as the basis for Monday’s lesson so it is crucial this work is completed.

You may not have all this content in your Logic projects, but the harmony should be there and you should have an instrument (or recorded vocal line) which demonstrates your melodic ideas.

Thanks all.

Ring Pull Sampler instrument homework – for Tuesday 9th October 2012

Hi People, just to clarify the homework task is…

  • Create a MULTI-SAMPLE/MULTI OUTPUT EXS24 sampler instrument using ONLY samples derived from TWO of your recorded ring pull samples.
  • You will need to make extensive use of the sample editor BEFORE you import samples into the EXS24 to create usable Kick, Snare, HiHats etc..
  • Please feel free to add any other interesting rhythmic/pitched elements that you can create using the ring pull samples
  • Please create a drum groove in your Logic project using the sampler instrument you have created.

The next stage will be to look at Ultrabeat with sampler instruments…very good stuff..

Composition Homework due in Tuesday 18th September 2012

Hi all

Really impressive work on chord extensions this week..a great start to this interesting harmonic stuff..

Just to clarify the HW task:

  • compose TWO contrasting diatonic chord sequences
  • they must include SOME USE OF chord extensions (only as appropriate though, use your musicality)
  • do experiment with chord voicings to create interesting and smooth movement between chords – it can be useful to think in terms of individual voices within the chords and how they move to a note in the following chord.
  • Please include rhythm tracks to establish a sense of style.
  • Nearly forgot…please also write out the chord progressions with correct chord symbols and notate the chords (you don’t need to write out chord rhythms, just notate the voicings used)

I look forward to having a listen in class next Tuesday.

Composition HW task for Tuesday 11th September

Please create a Logic Project with two effective chord sequences in one of three given styles: Rock, Dance, Funk. Please include the use of your sampled drum kit created during the lesson (you might need to collaborate with your partner to get a copy of the instrument AND THE SAMPLES) for your project.

Consider the two chord sequences to be a “verse” and “chorus”.

The chord sequences must include inversions and you may choose to include the use of chord extensions (7ths, 9ths, added notes etc).

You must also include a written chord chart (on the manuscript paper provided) AND write out the chords used in standard notation.