Reverb and Delay – History and Development Revision

A couple of short, simple documents to aid your revision
History & Development of Delay FX
History & Development of Reverb


Sidechain compression

Check out sidechain compression, this example is for dance music BUT please do not think that is it’s only application. Works really well in multitrack mixes to add a few dbs of headroom and keep your kick present and punchy – try it!

Unit 4 – Audio Compressors Explained

For your research purposes ensure that you can identify and explain:

  • A brief overview of the history of compression (from 1930s-today)
  • Key innovations
  • Typical parameters – threshold, ratio, make-up gain, attack, release, output, knee
  • Typical applications
  • Side-chaining, parallel compression, limiting, multiband compression.

Here’s a really snappy, visual explanation of compressors which will consolidate your understanding further. Thanks to wickiemedia wherever you are. Nice!

THIS document will give you the lowdown on the history and key parameters of the compressor.