The 2000s

The 2000s saw R’n’B continuing it’s dominant trend but also spawned some memorable dizzierock and Indie as well as the birth of Dubstep and Grime in the UK.

THIS DOCUMENT provides an overview, but importantly, do take time to listen to key recordings from the decade..


AS Cover lesson – P2 Tuesday 17th Sep – Microphones and Sound

I will be leaving early for a meeting today but fear not – there is a whole heap of work for you to do so your cover teacher should not hear a peep.

1. Please read through this what is sound blogpost

2. Now that you have achieved great insights into the nature of sound…please complete and submit this quiz on microphones. We will review your answers in class next week..

Most, but not all, of the answers can be found in this document – Microphones. These are fine revision resources as can be downloaded..

3. Update your student feedback form to record what you’ve covered today and set out your own targets for how you will strengthen your learning. What do you need to catch up on? Has the work given highlighted any areas of weakness in your understanding?

4. If you’ve finished that too, take some time to research methods and approaches for recording drum kit and have some ideas ready for next week’s lesson. Copy any useful links into your student feedback documents.


A2 Homework 18.10.12.


The sequencing homework from last week was to programme the instrumental part you were allotted when we played the “The Look of Love” live last week and also to produce some notation for it. The former part of this task was done by all, but only one student provided the notation so you have another transcription task this week.

Please write out on paper the bass and piano parts for the intro.


We have made good progress in coming to grips with flextime on multi-mic’ed drum recordings. Your task this week is to consolidate this progress by completing the flex time processing on the first eight bars of the drum kit recording we’ve been using in class – “8 recording”.

You will also need to proceed with your trial recording during your studio time. Demonstrating progress every week between now and the revised deadline. 29th November.

Over the next few weeks I will expect to see progress in the trail recording along the lines set out below. Please add this weekly schedule to your student feedback documents so you can plan your work.

Drums and bass – 25th October

Guitars and other instruments – 8th November

Vocals – 15th November

Mix and submission – 29th November.