Rick Rubin – genius

I’m a huge fan of this man…

Have you heard of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Beastie Boys, Kanye West, Slayer, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Ed Sheeran, Johnny Cash, System Of A Down, Justin Timberlake, Lana Del Rey…the list goes on. Well Rick produced their finest recordings – unbelievable really.

Rick Rubin is a stunning producer, instrumental in the story of Hip Hop and a fascinating bloke, do grab a moment to listen to this interview, take a few tips from a mix master.

Rick Rubin meets Zane Lowe

Rick meets Zane Pt 2



Sie Medway-Smith Mixing Masterclass 16th October! One for the AS Music Tech crew..

I am absolutely chuffed that we will have the pleasure of Sie Medway-Smith coming in to present a Song Mixing Masterlcass.

He will be coming in to school on Wednesday 16th October (AS MUSIC TECH CLASS) to leave us with mixing pearls of wisdom… To give you some background here is a potted biography from his website…

  • “Sie is a music producer, mixer, md (musical director) and studio engineer. He

regularly works in Los Angeles, Sydney, Paris and Milan with regular clients. He works across a range of genres and styles in varied media ranging from commercial record production to film, TV and animation.

Having started out as a ‘tape op’ at Milo studios in London’s east end, he went on to become in-house engineer and mixer before launching a respected name for himself as a freelance producer. He signed to Sony ATV publishing in the mid nineties and has enjoyed composing and songwriting ever since. In 2012 Sie has 100% control once again of his publishing.

Sie has worked with artists as diverse as Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Bjork, Massive Attack and Gang of four, in a variety of roles ranging from producer, mixer, engineer, programmer to writer.

His music and productions have afforded him worldwide recognition for commercial releases on both major and indie record labels, not to mention advertising campaigns. He has produced and published music with various artists who have been Grammy, Brit and Mobo nominated.

…..Sie took on the role of MD/ Live production for Rudimental, Following the success of “Feel the Love” Sie took the band from the studio to the stage, the result was a 17 piece band for their debut gig at The Radio 1 Big Weekender. Sie has since taken on MD and live roles with Jamie Woon, Electric Guest, Sandi Thom, Hard-fi.”

You can check out one of his productions here…

Dave Pensado knows his onions

This website features some advanced production techniques brought to you by Dave Pensado (producer/mixer of (Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Michael Jackson, etc).

He releases regular “Into The Lair” video podcast/tutorials…well worth a regular check on ’em. This example has some great ideas for further uses of sidechaining in compressors.


Loudness – some food for thought

What do you think about this? Many students do present mixes that are rather quiet and these will often sound weak in playlists next to commercially available material. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean to say that the commercial stuff is better, it’s just very loud. Have you ever experienced listening fatigue after exposure to hotly mastered pop records? If you are interested in this topic watch this lecture from the very clever Thomas Lund for some more in depth technical information.