Exemplar AS Coursework

Below are some examples of coursework from previous year groups for you..We will review these with mark schemes in class to help you understand both how the mark scheme works and most importantly where your work is in relation to the mark scheme.

The top two Task 1C arrangements are of Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”.

The two styles for this year were Rock’n’Roll and Trip Hop.

Here is a classic Trip Hop example by Portishead..




The Model – Logic Template Project

Hi People

A couple of students have commented on being a bit stuck with note entry because they couldn’t find appropriate synth sounds. We will be learning how to approach this in class, but I don’t want this to be a barrier to getting the note entry completed now so I have created a template project with some sounds to use to get you started. They are not adequately manipulated for final submissions but good enough to get your note entry under way.

Click on the link below to access the zipped project folder – then download, copy to desktop and open zipped folder (double click). You can then use the project..Please save with a new file name. You can also copy and paste into an existing project if you so desire..


AS UNIT 1 Logbook

OMG what is this log thing? Happy?

Yes indeed, the logbook is a time consuming part of the coursework portfolio, however IT MUST BE COMPLETED as part of your Unit 1 Coursework Portfolio submission. It is also worth 20 marks (the whole portfolio is 140 marks). The final questions 9 and 10 are the ones that carry 10 marks each, but by completing carefully the whole logbook you are demonstrating to the examiner the level of detail that has gone into your coursework submission.

Here is a guide to completing the log book which you must read thoroughly while you are completing your draft logbook.

You can download a copy of the How To Complete The Logbook document by clinking HERE.

Task 1B Marks and Feedback Spring 2012

Well, your submissions have been very carefully appraised and your current marks and feedback are below and here.

There is some very good work in evidence but considerable room for improvement all round.

Main areas of weakness are in dynamics processing (compression) and EQ. These aspects take years of practice to master.

Try in your next mixing session to focus on very specific aspects of the feedback and make improvements in that area. Your ears will quickly tire and it is very easy to go around in circles when mixing. PLEASE, PLEASE make constant reference to the originals of the songs you have recorded or, where you’re looking to change the style somewhat, to professional recordings in that style. This will help you to evaluate your own mix and hear more clearly what needs to be done. Remember, it can be useful to listen at low volumes as times.

By next week I expect you to have new mixes ready to play to the class. Take your mp3s home and make comparisons between your new mixes, the mix you handed in last week and the originals.

Task 1A – AS Drum Sessions

Here are the dates for the drum kit recording sessions which will take place in the studio during our lessons on Thursday mornings.

Make sure you are thoroughly prepared and you Logic template is ready to load with an accurate guide and click track (see embedded document). You should be intimately acquainted with the structure of your chosen piece (having made any necessary changes to keep the recording the right length). Lack of preparation will result in a wasted session!

1. Thursday 19th Jan: 

“Mardy Bum” Arctic Monkeys – Joe P., Josh and Tessa

2. Thursday 26th Jan: 

“Valerie” – Amy Winehouse/The Zutons – Niall

“I Wish” – Stevie Wonder –  Joe D. 

3. Thursday 2nd Feb:

“Naive” – The Kooks – Lawrence

“Message In A Bottle” – The Police – Theo

4. Thursday 9th Feb:

“Stacey’s Mum” – Fountains of Wayne – Eddy

“Wherever You Will Go” – The Calling – Katie

5. Thursday 16th Feb:

“I’m Yours” – Jason Mraz – Tom

“Something Good Can Work” – Two Door Cinema Club – Tessa