AS Homework for 27th March part 2

The quirky side of UK post punk now people…and why was this guy just so important to UK alternative music?..and who is he anyway..?


AS Music Tech Homework for Tuesday 21st February

There are three tasks to complete before the next lesson on Tuesday 21st February:

1. Complete 1 hour Controlled Assessed time on Task 1C – focus on harmony parts (to include bass line), with accompanying groove. Remember these feature must be stylistically appropriate to your chosen style – keep listening to examples from the genre.

2. Complete a hour CA time on Task 1A – the deadline has been extended as mentioned in class to Tuesday 28th February. However there will be no further extensions.

3. Please complete research no the two Punk & New wave bands and complete the forms as below..

Two special Focus Punk & New Wave bands to research..


AS homework for 7th February 2012

TASK 1C – Please ensure that you have created a reharmonisation for your arrangement for Tuesday’s lesson. This might just be a keyboard part to illustrate your harmonic ideas, or you might want to include a bass line or guitar (must be sequenced).


There will be a short 15 minute test at the beginning of Tuesday’s (7th) lesson to test your research on The Clash and The Stranglers. Please research both, remember to cover:

  • when and where the artist/band was formed
  • significant recordings – single and/or albums
  • instrumentation and key band members
  • distinctive musical (and production) characteristics (and be able to quote musical examples)
  • what influenced them and how they have influenced others
  • what is unique about this artist/band within their genre

Please complete the two forms below to consolidate your research:



Punk & New Wave..Band/Artist Profiles

So after untold hours at the Office grafting, here is your comprehensive guide to the key artists in the 2012 Special Focus Styles – Punk & New Wave.

This contains links to relevant youtube clips for your listening pleasure. Please use this as your central resource when researching the recommended listening bands/artists. There are of course many more important bands/artists in these genres..

You can download the document for keeps, if you click here…. Punk & New Wave – Artist Profiles