Amazing MIDI revision posters

The finest A2 class of all time – hands down, have created some beautiful and highly useful  revision aids…enjoy!


A2 Homework – MIDI research

Time for some brain power. Read the documents below (there’s more info elsewhere on the music tech blog) and be prepared to give a definition for ALL of the following terms in class:

  • Binary code
  • bits
  • status bytes and data bytes
  • what is a MIDI message?
  • what are channel and system messages?
  • why does pitch bend have a wider range of numbers (than 0-127)?
  • continuous controllers
  • program change
  • when was MIDI introduced?
  • What is a MIDI file?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of MIDI files VS. audio files?

DO also have a look at the excellent and very thorough resources on the useful Plantoftunes website – click HERE. The links under MIDI language are particularly useful.