A2 MIDI quiz – advanced!

Please complete this 12 question quiz.

Complete the quiz in 15 minutes.

Have fun..

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How The Electric Guitar Works…mini test

Here you go, please only allow 15 minutes to complete then click SUBMIT. Your answers available via the link underneath the form..

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Electric guitars…the pickup

Please take a look at the above short video which covers how the electric guitar works. Also take a look HERE at a page which deals in a little more detail at the basics of pickup design.

Further to our next lesson, please review the electric instruments document also.


A2 Revision on Mixing Desks, EQ and Dynamics Processing

Time to compile some more revision documents with key points, appropriate terminology and short definitions/explanations. Remember, the documents you create will be shared so they must be succinct, clear and legible. The documents will form a useful revision aid but creating them is a vital revision process in itself. See the list below for your allotted areas and share with me as google documents. Make sure you are familiar with all areas – not just the topic assigned to you.

Mixing Desk, Dynamics Processing and EQ Research topics:

Recording and monitoring – OLI

  • Line level vs mic level
  • Gain
  • Unity
  • Monitoring
  • Signal to noise ratio

Mixing – TOM

  • Inserts
  • Auxilliaries
  • Research common send effects and find examples in recordings.
  • Busses/Groups submixes
  • L-R mix/stereo buss

Dynamics processing – JOSH

  • What is compression?
  • Parameters
  • What is a gate?
  • Parameters.
  • What is a limiter?

Equalisation – JOE

  • What is EQ?
  • What are the types of EQ?
  • What is parametric or sweepable EQ?
  • How can parametric be used to eliminate unwanted frequencies
  • What is Q or resonance?

Digital Recording (last week’s post) – DAISY

Multitrack Recording (last week’s post) – DOM

Tape (last week’s post) – SAM