What is the Unit 2 Exam all about..?

Unit 2 Listening and Analysing Exam

Your exam lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes and is worth a total of 60 marks (but the exam is marked out of 80).  This unit provides you with an opportunity to study the styles most common in popular music from 1910 to the present day. Each year you are given two Special Focus Styles to study but each year these styles are different.

This exam is worth 30% of your overall AS mark.

The exam is split up into 2 sections (Section A and Section B) and contains 6 Questions (based on 6 different tracks) in total. Below is a rough guide as to what to expect in each question:

Section A (Questions 1 to 4): General Music Technology and Music Theory (40 Marks)

  • Question 1: Basic and General Knowledge of Music Technology
  • Question 2: Identify pitch, Rhythmic errors, music theory and Dynamic processing
  • Question 3: Recording Techniques and sonic qualities
  • Question 4: Performance and Production elements

Section B (Questions 5 & 6): Special Focus Styles (40 Marks)

  • Question 5: Special Focus Style 1
  • Question 6: Special Focus Style 2